We are pleased to welcome Étienne Bernard to CIMAM!

14 March 2024

Bernard, Etienne
Étienne Bernard

"At the head of artistic institutions in France for several years, I feel the need today to include my practice in a wider formal and international network. It is obvious that CIMAM is the place for debate, exchange and research when it comes to the societal issues that we all face in our venues and contexts".

"I am well aware that the answers to the ecological, ethical and methodological challenges of today and tomorrow will not be found alone, in our own country and that is why it seems important to me to join CIMAM".

Étienne Bernard, Director, Frac Bretagne, Rennes, France.

About Étienne

Étienne Bernard is the director of Frac Bretagne in Rennes since 2019. He previously directed Passerelle Contemporary Art Centre in Brest (2013–19), the researcher-in-residence programme Fieldwork: Marfa in the US (2010–13), as well as the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of (2007–09). He was also associate curator at the CAPC Centre for Contemporary Visual Arts in Bordeaux (2007–09) and curator of the 6th edition of Les Ateliers de Rennes contemporary art Biennale, with Céline Kopp (2018). In the course of his career, he has undertaken numerous projects involving artists such as Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz, Ali Cherri, Bouchra Khalili, Mierle Laderman Ukeless, Nathaniel Mellors, Senga Nengudi, Koki Tanaka, Fredrik Vaerslev, Ola Vasiljeva, Erika Vogt and Ming Wong.


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