A warm welcome to Azad Asifovich to CIMAM!

16 April 2021

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"I strongly believe that by becoming a CIMAM member, I will be able to expand my practices and will give me new opportunities for collaborations and learning from colleagues from another context."

"One of my central interests as a CIMAM member will be the question of gender and ethnic quote in public collections. In my ongoing process, I consider the museum as the « new ruine » which should be co-habited and rethought."

Azad Asifovich, Curator, Ta(r)dino 6 Art Platform, Baku, Azerbaijan

Azad Asifovich is a curator and art talker with a background in political science, culturology, and curatorial studies. He is interested in relationships between artistic practice, contexts, and its representation. Many of his projects question gray zones, gender, the art world, and revisiting (non)western historical references through the boundaries of the visitor experience and common knowledge such as anime, tv-series, and linguistic habits. His recent curatorial practice involves co-creating and co-authoring through the innovative dispositif for performance pieces and contextual interventions. Azad was a research advisor for the Azerbaijan Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale in 2013. In 2016 he curated the first french solo show of Oksana Schachko, artist, activist and co-founder of the Femen movement. In 2018 he was invited by the Zadkine Museum (Paris), to create their performance programme. Since 2019 he is the curator at Ta(r)dino 6 Art Platform (Baku).


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