2018 Annual Report

13 March 2019

Letter from Elizabeth Ann Macgregor President of CIMAM

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Elizabeth Ann Macgregor OBE, President of CIMAM and Director, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney

Dear friends,

CIMAM has achieved much during its 56 years of operation, thanks to the support of our members, patrons, and partners. 2018 was another highly successful year.

Through our strong membership community of contemporary art museum professionals and the establishment of new collaborations, CIMAM continued to expand its global network and influence as well its programs.

Important developments include dialogue with the National Coalition Against Censorship that led to CIMAM endorsing Museum Best Practices for Managing Controversy –an excellent guide for all museum and gallery staff facing difficult issues around censorship. The Museum Watch Program has been especially active as colleagues around the world deal with increasingly complex situations.

The revised CIMAM bylaws were endorsed at the General Assembly, an essential element in creating a modern and flexible organization able to respond to the changing needs of museum professionals.

The theme of the 50th edition of the Annual Conference in Stockholm — The Museum in Transition — attracted the participation of 229 professionals who debated crucial issues for the present and future of museums. The conference was also an essential networking opportunity, which resulted in new contacts and professional initiatives. The record number of travel grants – 36 – enabled curators from around the world to participate.

As a platform for knowledge transfer and expertise, CIMAM’s new website launched in 2018 offers a better user experience and includes a section for job opportunities, a forum, and a set of best practices guides and codes of ethics, essential tools for our profession.

On behalf of the Board, I thank you for your involvement and I hope that CIMAM will to continue to provide support to our members and represent the diversity of voices that characterize our profession.

I wish you find the enclosed information of interest and I look forward to seeing you in Sydney this November!

Warm regards,

Elizabeth Ann Macgregor OBE
President of CIMAM
Director, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney


The 2018 Annual Report highlights the achievements, activities, programs, and finances of CIMAM in the preceding year. It includes details about the current composition of the board, the number, geography and profile of our members, the presence of CIMAM in social networks, as well as facts about the annual conference, the travel grant program and other projects.

2018 Annual Report