A Message from CIMAM in support to Ukrainian museum professionals

Lviv Municipal Art Center which had an exhibition of the artist Davyd Chychkan and decided to turn the institution into a refugee center. Photo by Taras Bychko and thanks to Nikita Kadan.

25 February 2022

On behalf of the Board of CIMAM, the Museum Watch Committee expresses their absolute condemnation of the invasion of Ukraine by military forces from the present Russian regime, our solidarity with all the people of Ukraine, and our deep concern for the wellbeing of our CIMAM colleagues within Ukraine at this terrible time.

CIMAM represents a global community of arts and museum professionals and we actively reach out to our colleagues in Ukraine to offer support as they face unprecedented challenges in not only ensuring their own personal safety and that of their families and friends, but also safeguarding the future of the collections and institutions they are responsible for.

Yesterday ICOM issued a statement highlighting the responsibility of the international community to protect cultural heritage in times of conflict, reminding our colleagues in Ukraine of the ICOM and UNESCO resources available to them to support their work in this moment of crisis; https://icom.museum/en/news/statement-russia-invasion-into-ukraine/

In addition to these resources, the Museum Watch Committee is investigating the immediate needs of our colleagues and ways in which we can help. It has today contacted CIMAM members in Ukraine to offer any practical support that can be of assistance to them at this critical moment and we ask all members of CIMAM to actively consider ways they can act to show their solidarity with our colleagues. Please let us know if you think you can offer help.

A recognition of the importance of the work of museums of modern and contemporary art in building a more peaceful and secure society is central to CIMAM’s core mission and through its activities, CIMAM actively supports global networks that foster cultural understanding and connectivity, and the articulation of solidarity in times of crisis. It is critical that we now activate these networks to support all our colleagues in Ukraine and its neighboring countries affected by these devastating events.

The Museum Watch Committee of the CIMAM Board: Calin Dan, Bart De Baere (Chair of the MWC), Sarah Glennie, Malgorzata Ludwisiak, Victoria Noorthoorn, Eugene Tan.

CIMAMInternational Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern Art, is an Affiliated Organisation of ICOM – International Council of Museums.