Who are our members?


CIMAM is the most renowned international network of modern and contemporary art museum experts in the field.

Our organization is based on a membership program with over 700 contemporary art museum professionals from over 60 countries.

CIMAM members are directors and curators working in modern and contemporary art museums, collections, and archives as well as researchers and independent curators whose field of research and specialization is contemporary art theory, collections, and museums, and most of their fields of professional activity are related to the functions of an art museum.

Professional profile of our members

54% Museum Directors and Leadership Positions in Museums
30% Chief Curators and Curatorial positions
8% Other positions in Museums
8% Independent Curators

Geographical overview

38% Europe
25% Asia and Oceania
13% Eastern and Central Europe
10% South America
8% North America
7% Africa and Middle East

Age overview

31% 40's (1970)
30% 50's (1960)
18% 30's (1980)
13% 60's (1950)
5% 70's (1940)
2% 80's (1930)
1% 20's (1990)

CIMAM members comprise the following categories

64% Individual Members
36% Institutional Members