Building a supportive tool for museum professionals

In 2012 CIMAM initiated a series of news publications regarding the different critical situations of Museums and Collections around the world, also in regions affected by world economical and political crises. The Museum Watch Program that came out of this serves as an advocacy program addressing specific critical situations that impact museum professionals and not-for-profit institutions of modern and contemporary art. We want your help to recalibrate this effort.

→ Institutional situations may be very different in different societies, what are the challenges for Museum Watch in this respect and how can they be met?

→ Museum Watch wants to always consider both sides of the situation, even if it takes longer to react. How can this due diligence be optimised and how can it be related to the wish for rapid information of the CIMAM community and eventual rapid action?

→ The CIMAM board feels the Museum Watch Committee should consider different kind of appropriate action, on a case by case basis, including confidentially, where nothing is published. What may be actions and how can they best be tailored to the situation?

→ Museum Watch wants to be a supportive and helpful tool for museum professionals. Should it also notify the CIMAM community in cases in which colleagues are involved (for example a public conflict between a director and a curator) and if so which actions might it further undertake?


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