Chillida Leku Museum


Osasun Leku is a project born from the need to generate resources that help alleviate the emotional impact generated by the current health crisis.
Osasun Leku proposes a unique experience through direct contact with art and nature, through a methodology based on psychological flexibility.

Mainly for this project, a notebook has been edited whose content has been produced in collaboration between the person in charge of the Education and Research area of the Chillida Leku museum Nausica Sanchez and the specialist in Psychiatry Juan Carlos Irurzun.

The exercises and tools proposed are intended as a complement to psychological assistance. They seek to help alleviate the effects of the crisis on the emotional health of healthcare professionals by favoring the development of psychological flexibility in order to help them stay on course while weathering the storm. The notebook offers a tour of the museum. Specifically, seven sculptures by Eduardo Chillida have been selected which, due to their characteristics, are suitable for carrying out the proposed exercises. An exercise has also been added next to the bush garden designed by Piet Oudolf for the museum entrance.

The proposed dynamics are based on the thought and philosophy of Eduardo Chillida and are accompanied by phrases from the sculptor himself that serve as a reflection and introduction to each of the proposed exercises. The suggested route allows to discover the work of Eduardo Chillida and, at the same time, favor the mood of health professionals with the aim of helping to manage anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress.

The proposal is based on techniques of mindfulness, meditation and shinrin yoku (forest baths, in Japan). Chillida's work is marked by his interest in oriental philosophies, particularly by Zenism that has permeated his way of working, guided by “an aroma”, an intuition and moving away from the “desire to hit the target”. For this reason, the proposed itinerary is inspired by his philosophy, his way of seeing life, understanding art and the importance of living in the present.

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