Health and Travel Guidelines

CIMAM 2022 Annual Conference. Photo by HAWA.

The Government of Spain has implemented a series of measures to protect the general public’s health, including health control of passengers upon arrival in Spain.

On this website you can find out what the current health requirements are for travelling to Spain:

Spain Travel Health (

In addition to this, find below a list of hospitals in case of emergency:

  • Clínica Rotger Quirón Salud

Address: Vía Roma, 3, Carrer de Santiago Rusiñol, 9, 07012 Palma

  • Quirón Salud Palma Planas:

Camí dels Reis, 308, 07010 Palma

Juaneda Miramar Hospital

Camí de la Vileta, 30, 07011 Palma

  • Juaneda Hospital

Carrer de Company, 30, 07014 Palma