Pelin Tan

Photo credit: Tobias Schiller

Pelin Tan, Senior Researcher, Center for Arts, Design and Social Research, Boston, Prof. Faculty of Fine Arts, Batman University, Turkey.

Pelin Tan, Sociologist/Art Historian, professor at the Fine Arts Faculty, Batman University, Turkey. Senior Researcher of the Center for Arts, Design and Social Research (Boston), Researcher at Architecture Faculty, Thessaly University, Greece. 6th recipient of Keith Haring Art and Activism award. Lead Author of the report of Cities of Int.Panel of Social Progress (Cambridge, 2018). Tan pursued her postdoc at the Art,Culture and Technology program of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at MIT (2011). She worked at the Art History, Istanbul Technical University (2001-2011), Architecture Faculty, Mardin Artuklu University (2013-2017) and was visiting professor in Hong Kong Polytechnic School of Design, Bard College the Human Rights & CCS. Her research were supported by Hong Kong Design Trust, The Japan Foundation, CAD+SR, Graham F. and others. Tan collaborates with artist Anton Vidokle on the essay films on the future society; recently received the short film award by the Sharjah Art Foundation (AUB), 2020. She was a curator in ECC Matera 2019, I-DEA Archive project by Matera Foundation (2018 - 2019), Associate Curator of the Adhocracy - 1.Istanbul Design Biennial (2015). Curator of Urgent Pedagogies in design&art by IASPIS (Stockholm, since 2018), MAAt Lisbon (2022). As an author she contributed: Superhumanity (e-flux&Minnesota Press, 2017), Climates: Architecture and The Planetary Imaginary, GSAPP (Lars Muller Publication, Columbia Univ., 2016), Re-Production of Social Architecture (Routledge, 2016), Urgent Architectural Theories, GSAPP Books (Columbia University, 2015), Doing Tolerance: Democracy, Citizenship and Social Protests, Barbara Budrich Publishing (Berlin, 2020), Radical Pedagogies (MIT Press, 2021).