2018 Travel Grant Funders

The Getty Foundation

The Getty Foundation fulfills the philanthropic mission of the Getty Trust by supporting individuals and institutions committed to advancing the greater understanding and preservation of the visual arts in Los Angeles and throughout the world. Through strategic grant initiatives, the Foundation strengthens art history as a global discipline, promotes the interdisciplinary practice of conservation, increases access to museum and archival collections, and develops current and future leaders in the visual arts. It carries out its work in collaboration with the other Getty programs to ensure that they individually and collectively achieve maximum effect.

MALBA–Fundación Costantini

MALBA– Fundación Costantini, Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires, opened its doors on September 21, 2001 as a not-for-profit institution featuring a permanent collection focused on Latin American Art. It is also a dynamic cultural center that constantly updates temporary exhibitions and develops cultural activities. MALBA has a major film independent program in 35mm and new releases of Argentinian young directors, and also organizes a variety of literary activities, such as encounters with writers, courses, seminars, literary talks, book presentations and other events. The Education department includes children’s, teens and adults programs, guided tours and activities carried out in conjunction with civic organizations.

Alserkal Programming

Established in 2007, Alserkal Avenue has grown to become an essential platform for the development of homegrown artistic and cultural initiatives, supporting a vibrant community of contemporary art galleries and alternative art spaces, together with design, media and industrial studios. Founded by Abdelmonem Bin Eisa Alserkal, it is the region’s foremost arts and culture neighbourhood. In 2015, in addition to its commitment to the community, Alserkal Avenue affirmed its position as an arts organisation with the launch of Alserkal Programming, a platform for exhibitions, public art commissions, performances, films, talks and workshops that critically and creatively investigate themes pertinent to the region’s arts community. Together, these programmes provide a platform to support the development of new ideas, open dialogue and collaboration across disciplines. Fall 2017 marked the opening of Alserkal Residency. Created as a platform for artistic and cultural experimentation and exchange, Alserkal Residency seeks to provide the infrastructure and support to allow cultural practitioners to fully engage with the region.

V-A-C Foundation

V-A-C Foundation produces new culture together with artists and audiences alike. It is a platform for open discussion aimed at redefining the contemporary landscape. Working with local communities, V-A-C promotes its exhibition, publishing, performative and learning programmes beyond all disciplinary boundaries and thus constantly resets the coordinates for dialogue within a new global geography. This methodology is employed in all V-A-C initiatives, taking place in its Venetian space, through international, cross-institutional partnerships and in its future home for arts and culture in Moscow, GES2.

Samdani Art Foundation

The Samdani Art Foundation (SAF) is a private arts trust based in Dhaka, Bangladesh founded in 2011 by collector couple Nadia and Rajeeb Samdani to support the work of the country’s artists and architects. Led Artistic Director Diana Campbell Betancourt, SAF seeks to expand the audience engaging with contemporary art across Bangladesh and increase international exposure for the country’s artists. Its programmes support Bangladeshi artists in broadening their creative horizons through production grants, residencies, education programs, and exhibitions. SAF produces the bi-annual Dhaka Art Summit, a non-commercial research and exhibition platform for art and architecture related to South Asia, which re-examines how we think about these art forms in a regional and wider context. SAF’s collection of modern and contemporary art from South Asia is currently accessible to the public by appointment and is regularly lent to institutions around the world. Srihatta—Samdani Art Centre and Sculpture Park, will open in Sylhet in late 2018 locally, and will be devoted to outdoor sculpture and interventions in the landscape, punctuated by indoor exhibition pavilions and a residency complex, putting artists and experimental artistic production at the centre of Srihatta’s activities. More than just a private art museum, Srihatta aspires to cultivate a new community of art lovers in the region and will be free for all visitors.

Byucksan Foundation

The Byucksan Foundation was established in 2010 to contribute to the development of culture and arts. Byuksan Foundation Key Culture Projects: Fine art Patronage: We aim to foster Korean contemporary art by supporting up and coming artists (Sang-yoon Yoon, Kyung-woo Han, Myeong-beom Kim, Jaye Rhee), and provide funding for the Membership Society of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, which supports the various projects of National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea. We also took part in fundraising for installing Haegue Yang’s work in the Tate Modern, as well as Wan Lee, whose work was featured at the Korea Pavilion. We also funded the symposium titled From Postwar to Contemporary Korean Art (1953-present): Conflicts, Innovations and Interactions that was held at LACMA last October. Music Patronage: We are patrons of talented musical groups such as the Sejong Soloists, Korea Festival Ensemble, and Trio de Seoul in order to promote the development of Korean classical music. Furthermore, we discovered and supported young artists (Woo-cheol Na, Gi-chang Lee, Hye-rin Oh, Yoon-soo Yeo) to help them focus their energy on improving their music. We have been expanding our musical patronage since we started with composer Jee Seo in 2017. NEXT Classic Concert: We hold classical music concerts held by talent donating musicians in schools in order to lead the culture of giving back to society in a world with an education system that is orientated around the university entrance exams. Establish the Byucksan Theater Award, and Support Theater Production: We aim to establish the Byucksan Theater Award in order to foster Korean theater, and support play writes. The winning piece shall be given the rare opportunity to put their work on stage, acting as a platform for struggling debuted play writes to enter the theater scene.