Marcela Romer

Romer, Marcela.jpeg
CIMAM 2021 grantee Marcela Romer, Cultural director, National Historic Flag Monument, Rosario, Argentina.

In 2021, 50 contemporary art curators, researchers, and museum professionals from 32 different countries were awarded support to attend the CIMAM 2021 Annual Conference, in-person and online.

For the first time, and thanks to the generous support of The Getty Foundation who sponsored the virtual platform, 27 grantees attended the conference online, while 23 attended onsite.

Launched in 2005, CIMAM’s Travel Grant Program is designed to foster cooperation and cultural exchange between contemporary art curators and museum directors in emerging and developing economies and their counterparts in other regions of the world.

Marcela Romer's Conference Report

The possibility of participating at CIMAM's Annual Conference in Poland online is a precious initiative that must remain in the time since it gives the opportunity, to many people who cannot travel or do not have the economic means, to be present in a different way.

This year I participated in that way, which was very interesting and helpful. I have been to many conferences worldwide, and I also participated in their organizations when I represented my country on the international committee. This year it was a huge challenge to meet in person, and I congratulate the entire organizing committee for achieving it, considering the stress it must have produced, not knowing if it would be performed until the last moment.

Regarding the conferences, I highlighted Otobong Nkanga, mainly for her final comment that showed that she knows where museums stand today and some of their specific needs.

Alex Baczynski-Jenkins showed great sensitivity to his profession. He made several very accurate comments regarding the institutions he has developed his projects. Demos de TJ was the most exciting conference as far as I am concerned. It was concrete in his proposals, and he responded very intelligently to the critical questions at the time of the questions.

Maristella Svampa exceeded herself too much, with her time allocated, and although she was tremendously talkative, her lecture expressed only one point of view of reality in Argentina. There are other modern ways of seeing reality.

I am immensely grateful to the Getty Foundation for giving me this possibility of international participation. Without you, it would have been impossible.