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16 December 2021


A total of 250 professionals from 52 different countries – 150 onsite and 100 online – attended the CIMAM 2021 Annual Conference entitled: Under Pressure. Museums in Times of Xenophobia and Climate Emergency, hosted by the Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz and the NOMUS New Art Museum/ Branch of the National Museum in Gdansk, Poland.

We are proud of the remarkable results of the first Annual Conference hybrid edition and are pleased to provide you with the conference report and the recordings of all of the presentations. Thank you all for making this special edition possible, Enjoy!

The CIMAM Digital TV is now available with all the speakers' presentations. Whether you missed the Annual Conference or want to watch them again, here they are without an expiration date and available to everyone interested!


Also, you can read now the experiences and critical articles from our 50 Travel Grantees! Their vision and understanding bring freshness and diversity to the discourse on the relevant topics discussed during this congress. Do not miss their points of view of what has been this 53rd edition of the CIMAM Annual Conference.

Grantees Reports

Why do contemporary art museum professionals attend the Annual Conference every year?

5-minutes summary video

This year's edition was exceptional, and one expression was constantly repeated: "to meet again in person":

"To update my knowledge, meet new colleagues, and exchange views on what is happening in museums worldwide."

"Intellectual stimulation. To learn about innovative and best-practice approaches to curating and museum programming in an international context. Hearing from fellow artists and curators worldwide who are facing similar global challenges related to climate change and xenophobia and how they affect art museums and practice."

"Taking responsibility for museums in today's society is essential. Hence, new frameworks of meaning are generated for our lines of action. For this reason, spaces such as the CIMAM congress are crucial. They are also places to share experiences and conflicts from different contexts."

"Meet people who think about art and cultural heritage. Be in touch with the global problems of museums and the challenges we face today. To actively participate in developing a cultural policy that supports innovation."

"Attending CIMAM is an excellent opportunity to interact with museum professionals from different parts of the world, practice critical thinking, and discover the artistic ecosystem of the conference venue."

"To reconnect in person with colleagues in the art museum sector, listen to and discuss with experts in the field, and discover the Polish art scene."

The Conference Report includes a letter from Mami Kataoka, President of CIMAM, a summary of the feedback received from attendees, figures about the conference participants, details on the media coverage obtained, and the reports of all grantees.  

Read the Complete 2021 Conference Report