Our community continues to grow! A warm welcome to Stefanie Hessler to CIMAM

16 December 2020

Hessler, Stefanie__photographer_Brittany_Nelson.jpg
Photo by Brittany Nelson.

We have the great pleasure in welcoming to CIMAM our newest member, Stefanie Hessler, Director, Kunsthall Trondheim, Norway.

"Becoming a member of CIMAM is relevant to me, to be part of a network of colleagues, access information available to members only such as the webinars or e-book Smart Tactics, and to humbly contribute to important conversations with the global art community that will shape the future of art institutions."

Stefanie Hessler is the Director of Kunsthall Trondheim, Trondheim, Norway. Kunsthall Trondheim also takes part in CIMAM's Free Admission Program that embraces more than 200 modern and contemporary art institutions and biennials worldwide, that offer free admission to our members.


CIMAM – International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern Art – is an Affiliated Organization of ICOM.* Founded in 1962, CIMAM’s vision is a world where the contribution of museums, collections, and archives of modern and contemporary art to the cultural, social, and economic well-being of society is recognized and respected.

Join today, and take part in our network with 500 contemporary art museum professionals from 86 countries.

Thank you Stefanie Hessler for becoming a member of CIMAM!