The Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly

2 May 2018

The Miro Foundation
The Miro Foundation

In accordance with Article 7 of the current Bylaws of CIMAM, the Board calls the members of CIMAM to the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly that will be held one after the other at Kulturhuset, Sergels torg, 111 57 Stockholm, Sweden, at 14:30 hrs. on the first call and at 15:30 hrs. on the second call, on November 4, 2018, during the CIMAM 2018 Annual Conference with the following agenda:

Ordinary General Assembly

  1. Membership and Finance 2018
  2. Annual Conference Budget 2018
  3. Third.- Annual Conference 2020

Extraordinary General Assembly Agenda

Sole item: Approval of the modification of the CIMAM Bylaws.

Important note: The changes proposed to the CIMAM Bylaws were sent by email to CIMAM Members in October 2017. CIMAM Members were able to submit suggestions, modifications or amendments by email until 7 November 2017 (included) and during the General Assembly that took place in Singapore 12 November 2017, CIMAM Members were invited to discuss and suggest the changes to the Bylaws. The final and definitive version of the document is available to anyone at CIMAM’s website and following the link below. The online voting period for approving the changes to the Bylaws will open on October, 25 until November 4, 2018. Voting in person will be available on November 4, 2018 during the Extraordinary General Assembly.