Lund Humphries Offers Special Discount for CIMAM Members on Nina Möntmann's New Book

28 June 2024

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Lund Humphries is delighted to offer CIMAM members an exclusive discount on Nina Möntmann's latest book, "Decentring the Museum."

This title is part of Lund Humphries's "New Direction on Contemporary Art" collection, a series of critical and engaging texts that delve into key themes and trends in contemporary art practice and their broader impact on the art world.


Nina Möntmann's timely book extends the decolonisation debate to the institutions of contemporary art. In a thoughtfully articulated text, illustrated with pertinent examples of best practice, she argues that to play a crucial role within increasingly diverse societies museums and galleries of contemporary art have a responsibility to 'decentre' their institutions, removing from their collections, exhibition policies and infrastructures a deeply embedded Euro-centric cultural focus with roots in the history of colonialism. In this, she argues, they can learn from the example both of anthropological museums (such as the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum in Cologne), which are engaged in debates about the colonial histories of their collections, about trauma and repair, and of small-scale art spaces (such as La Colonie, Paris, ANO, Institute of Arts and Knowledge, Accra or Savvy Contemporary, Berlin), which have the flexibility, based on informal infrastructures, to initiate different kinds of conversation and collective knowledge production in collaboration with indigenous or local diasporic communities from theGlobal Souths.

For the first time, this book identifies the influence that anthropological museums and small art spaces can exert on museums of contemporary art to initiate a process of decentring.

As a special preview, CIMAM members can access an edited extract from Nina Möntmann's new book, "Decentring the Museum," in the Members Only section.

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