ICOM Global Survey on Collections in Storage

17 April 2023


The survey is an initiative of ICOM’s Working Group on Collections in Storage and aims to collect information from around the world about museums’ reserve collections.

The Working Group on Collections in Storage will work with the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle to analyse the data collected and will present the results to ICOM members later this year. If you work in museum storage or registration, please take the time to complete this survey at the link below:


Working Group on Collections in Storage

  • Chair: François MAIRESSE (France)
  • Members: Sanfo MOCTAR (Burkina Faso), Ambika PATEL (India), Alessandra LABATE ROSSO (Brazil), Alba LETTS (New Zealand), Christoph LIND (Germany), Gaël de GUICHEN (Italy), Maria Lucia FERRUZZA (Italy).
  • Ex-officio: Emma NARDI (Italy) (President of ICOM), Feng ZHAO (China) (ICOM Executive Board Member)
  • ICOM Secretariat: Jennifer KEANE (Executive Coordinator)
    Contact: jennifer.keane@icom.museum