The Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) is seeking a conservator

29 March 2019


The Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) is seeking a conservator with expertise in the conservation of modern and contemporary art, an interest in scientific research and its application to conservation practice, and a strong interest in education to fill the position of Project Specialist in the Institute’s Collections Department. The Project Specialist will work as a member of a cross-departmental team of conservators and scientists focusing on the conservation challenges of modern and contemporary art of various media and the integration of new scientific knowledge into professional practice.

Opportunities for educational activities are emerging from the GCI’s Modern and Contemporary Art Research Initiative. The Project Specialist will be primarily responsible to develop a robust program of courses, workshops, meetings, publications, online resources, and field activities, aimed at presenting advances resulting from research undertaken by the GCI and its partners and facilitating the transfer of scientific advances to conservation practice.

Major Job Responsibilities

Reporting to the Head of the GCI’s Collections Department, the Project Specialist will collaborate with colleagues to identify information and learning needs in the field of conservation of modern and contemporary art and to develop appropriate strategies to address these needs, drawing upon research undertaken by the GCI and other entities. The Project Specialist must be familiar with current issues relating to modern and contemporary art in various formats and contexts, the latter including museum collections, outdoor spaces, and architectural settings.

The Project Specialist will be responsible for the design, management, and implementation of the suite of learning and information-dissemination activities—courses and workshops, field activities, expert meetings, and the creation of online training resources. The Project Specialist will define learning objectives, create curricula and syllabi, identify and liaise with instructors, develop print and visual didactic materials, provide professional conservation experience and subject matter expertise at all stages, and oversee courses. The Project Specialist may also serve on the teaching team of courses and workshops. He/she will also disseminate to the field the various didactic resources produced through all appropriate media and venues.

In addition, the Project Specialist may participate in field activities with other GCI or external colleagues in order to test and refine new practical methodologies developed as a result of research.

As part of his/her project management duties, the Project Specialist will cultivate relationships and maintain communications with a range of internal and external colleagues, including project partners; develop proposals for new projects; define scopes of work for agreements and contracts; manage deliverables and deadlines; monitor project resources including budget, consultants, and project team staff, and evaluate the effectiveness of project activities.

All candidates must apply online. Please prepare a cover letter and curriculum vitae in a single PDF file. Note: When prompted by the online application system to select or submit your “resume”, please upload your cover letter and curriculum vitae as a single PDF file. Candidates who successfully complete the online application process will receive an automated message via email. If you have specific questions about the Project Specialist position, please email

The deadline for applications is May 3, 2019.

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