Call for Rapid Responses Webinars 2023!

11 January 2023


The Rapid Response Webinars season is activating, and we are counting on you to propose debates and participate actively.

We are designing the 2023 program and looking for CIMAM members who want to propose topics and guests, moderate, or be speakers in a webinar.

From today until 3 February 2023, CIMAM Members can submit their proposals here.

  1. Title and a brief abstract of 250 words
  2. Proposed panelists (up to 4)
  3. Preferred last Thursdays of the month in 2023, if any.
  4. Webinars are aimed to offer a space for debate and discussion among CIMAM members. Usually, presentations take 45 minutes and we dedicate another 45 minutes for open discussion among panelists and attendees led by the moderator of the webinar.

The Board of CIMAM will oversee the program, while the Executive Office will be in charge of each session's administration and production. We look forward to receiving the webinar proposals from our CIMAM members!

Why Participate

CIMAM Members benefit from participating in the CIMAM 2023 Rapid Response Webinars by:

  • Proposing the most interesting or useful topic to be discussed.
  • Proposing the panelist/s or moderator for the chosen topic.
  • Being a panelist or moderator in a dynamic and enriching discussion.
  • Expanding contacts and exchange ideas among our global community of contemporary art professionals.

As professionals in the museum sector, we count on your experience and criteria to point out discourses that interest our community and to suggest professionals who, together with you, can initiate the debate on a hot topic in the modern and contemporary art museum field.

We want to continue with the dialogues we initiate yearly at the Annual Conferences to offer recurring spaces and moments of encounter throughout the year, with a peer-to-peer atmosphere to speak freely and explore different points of view on the issues that affect us professionally.

We count on your participation to propose topics and voices that can nurture the Rapid Responses Webinars, a program that takes place every last Thursday of each month and lasts one hour, with space for conversation at the end of each session.

Take this opportunity to raise awareness of some subjects, meet new professionals who can inspire and collaborate with you, and explore new cases that can help you in your career.

We will welcome proposals and suggestions at any time, so feel free to send them to us whenever an idea comes to your mind!

Panelist Jocelyn Piirainen, Associate Curator of Inuit Art at the Winnipeg Art Gallery-Qaumajuq, Winnipeg, Canada at the webinar "Towards a Shared Future: Indigenous Artists + Non-Indigenous Institutions" held September 2022.

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→ Rapid Response Webinars are a series of online activities exclusively for our community to reinforce the sense of connectivity through online meetings in a peer-to-peer environment to share, learn, and be inspired by the experiences of other CIMAM professionals.

→ Rapid Response Webinars are held on the last Thursday of the month. They are free of cost for CIMAM members. Sessions are recorded and posted at the Members Only section of the CIMAM website.

We look forward to receiving the webinar proposals from our CIMAM members!