A warm welcome to Bei Xi to CIMAM!

27 October 2021

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"The CIMAM network allows me to get informed and exchange with other Art institutions and colleagues worldwide."

Bei Xi, Artistic Director, Times Art Center Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

Bei Xi is Artistic Director of Times Art Center Berlin. Founded by the Guangdong Times Museum in 2018, Times Art Center Berlin is the first parallel institution set up overseas by an Asian art museum. It operates as an autonomous nonprofit organization and dedicates itself to developing new models of a contemporary art institution, through exhibitions, productions, public programs, and collaborative projects.Located in Mitte, Times Art Center Berlin has embraced diversity, multiculturalism and connectivity, with a special focus on underrepresented artists and art practices from Asia since its inauguration. It aims to provide a platform for a wide range of contemporary art practices and research-based discourses. It encourages cross-border and transnational initiatives through a research-based trajectory that re-envisions the understanding of Asian contemporary art in a global context. In doing so, Times Art Center Berlin strives to contribute to the diversity of Berlin’s art-world ecosystem.


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