CIMAM Statement in relation to the critical situation facing artists and art professionals in Afghanistan

©Shah Marai/AFP/Getty Images.

30 August 2021

CIMAM wishes to express its deep concern about the vulnerable position of artists and art professionals in Afghanistan and to draw attention to the need for their plight to be highlighted to those Governments that are working to ensure the safety of those at critical risk from the Taliban. Artists and art professionals are highly visible targets in Afghanistan but are less visible to those that can provide help because many are not affiliated with organisations such as NGO’s.

We are sharing with our CIMAM members an open letter that CIMAM has signed that articulates the significant threat that artists and art professionals face. This letter is directed towards the US Government but it has the potential to bring wider attention to the plight of artists and art professionals in Afghanistan.

CIMAM would like to acknowledge the work being done by those colleagues actively engaged in trying to extend the priorities for evacuation by their respective governments to include artists and art professionals.

Open letter from Arts for Afghanistan