Digital Publications

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CIMAM 2017 Annual Conference at the National Gallery Singapore.

After each CIMAM Annual Conference, the proceedings are edited and published online with the aim to make the contents – both as key contributions, and as reference material for the research and production of contemporary art knowledge – available to anyone through the CIMAM website.

The Annual Publication is a sustainable project that takes into consideration the importance of documenting and making knowledge accessible in the long term to modern and contemporary art professionals worldwide. The publication is a compendium that brings together the knowledge and the discussions that have been developed throughout the CIMAM Annual Conference as a result of the proposed annual theme.

The Attentive Museum. Permeable Practices for a Common Ground
CIMAM 2022 Annual Conference, Palma, Mallorca, Spain

Under Pressure. Museums in Times of Xenophobia and Climate Emergency
CMAM 2021 Annual Conference, Lodz and Gdansk, Poland

The 21st Century Art Museum: Is Context Everything?
CIMAM 2019 Annual Conference, Sydney, Australia

The Museum in Transition
CIMAM 2018 Annual Conference, Stockholm, Sweden

Workshop Conclusions: The Museum in Transition
CIMAM 2018 Annual Conference, Stockholm, Sweden

The Roles and Responsibilities of Museums in Civil Society
CIMAM 2017 Annual Conference, Singapore

The Museum and Its Responsibilities
CIMAM 2016 Annual Conference, Barcelona, Spain

How Global Can Museums Be?
CIMAM 2015 Annual Conference, Tokyo, Japan

Museums in Progress: Public Interest, Private Resources?
CIMAM 2014 Annual Conference, Doha, Qatar

New Dynamics in Museums: Curator, Artwork, Public, Governance
CIMAM 2013 Annual Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Museums Beyond the Crises
CIMAM 2012 Annual Conference, Istanbul, Turkey

Museums and the City
CIMAM 2011 Annual Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Zagreb, Croatia, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Common Ground for Museums in a Global Society
CIMAM 2010 Annual Conference, Shanghai, China

Fair Trade: The Institution of Art in the New Economy
CIMAM 2009 Annual Conference, Mexico City, Mexico

The Shape of Memory: The Museum and its Collections
CIMAM 2008 Annual Conference, New York, USA

Contemporary Institutions as Producers in Late Capitalism
CIMAM 2007 Annual Conference, Vienna, Austria

Contemporary Institutions: Between Public and Private
CIMAM 2006 Annual Conference, London, UK

Museums: Intersections in a Global Scene
CIMAM 2005 Annual Conference, São Paulo, Brazil