Board Elections 2017-2019

Members of CIMAM* are invited to present their nominations for the CIMAM Board Elections

The Board of CIMAM consists of a President, a Secretary-Treasurer and at least 10 other members elected by the Members of CIMAM. The number of Board members should not exceed 15. The members of the Board work on a volunteer basis throughout the triennial. They oversee the everyday operations and activities of CIMAM.

The members of the Board of CIMAM are in constant contact throughout the year through e-mail conversations that are coordinated by the executive team of CIMAM. They review new membership applications, advocacy issues as well as funding opportunities and suggestions to invite new collaborators to contribute to the Committee’s activities. The Board meets at least twice a year for board meetings where the affairs of CIMAM, the account of Members and the financial statements are presented by the President and the Secretary-Treasurer to the Board members. The Board is also encouraged to attend the Annual Conference each year and to actively participate by leading the different sessions and panel discussions proposed.

Any CIMAM voting member is an eligible candidate to the new Board*. The nomination period runs from 1 June to 31 July 2016. CIMAM will publish the list of candidates to the new Board 2017–2019 by 15 September 2016. CIMAM Members will vote for their representatives online from October to November 2016. Voting in person will be possible during the Annual Conference in Barcelona. The newly elected Board along with the outgoing Board will elect the new President. The members of the new Board 2017–2019 will be announced at the General Assembly on Sunday 20 November 2016 in Barcelona.

*CIMAM voting members are those who have paid for their 2014-2016 CIMAM membership fees.

Submit your Nomination Form completed before 31 July 2016. Should you have any question about the election process please contact Inés Jover at

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