About the Museum Watch Program


In 2012 CIMAM initiated a series of news publications regarding the different critical situations of Museums and Collections around the world, also in regions affected by world economic and political crises. The Museum Watch Program that came out of this serves as an advocacy program addressing specific critical situations that impact museum professionals and not-for-profit institutions of modern and contemporary art.

The Museum Watch Program is intended to be a tool to assist modern and contemporary art museum professionals in dealing with critical situations that impact on the ability of museums and individuals to maintain their professional codes of practices. It does so with the aim to stimulate reflection by generating debate and by uncovering topics for future conferences.

The 2017–2019 Museum Watch committee consists of seven board members of CIMAM: Bart De Baere, Jaroslaw Suchan, Calin Dan, Sunjung Kim, Sarah Glennie, Corinne Diserens and Eugene Tan.