Nicole Rafiki

Rafiki, Nicole_square.jpg
Photo by Bjorn Wad

In my work, I re-imagine and challenge the stereotypical depiction of spaces, contexts and the people who are affected by Global Migration.

“I am currently building Rafiki Art Initiatives (RAI) organisational structure, skills and programming. I will research how to further develop and adapt a collective art project that we initiated in the summer of 2020, following the death of George Floyd , to the 10 year memorial of the twin terror attacks in Norway on 22 July 2011”

My curatorial approach is closely adjoined to my artistic practice, in which I engage in collaborative practices as an active act of creating and imagining post colonial and post conflict reconciliation as an African in the Diaspora. Mimicking the vagrant state of a migrant, this is a nonlinear process of trial, error and constant research, involving a diversity of projects. Merging my academic and professional background in social work, journalism and communication, I actively develop concepts, produce and curate transdisciplinary works with professional artists, non-professionals and institutions. Being a part of a network like CIMAM and having access to this grant scheme will allow me to work on my upcoming collective project evolving around the 10 year commemoration of the 22.July twin terrorist attacks in Norway. This project is a continuation of the "Good mourning" project that I initiated in the summer of 2020, dealing with systemic racism. I will also benefit greatly from the input and mentoring from CIMAM.