SAHA—Supporting Contemporary Art from Turkey

SAHA Projects and Collaborations Map, 2021.png
SAHA Projects and Collaborations Map, 2021

We are thrilled to welcome SAHA—Supporting Contemporary Art from Turkey as a new Supporter of CIMAM. It is an honor to count on institutions such as SAHA, a dynamic organization dedicated to supporting artists and the production of knowledge and projects of contemporary art from Turkey, in our global network of curators, and museum directors. CIMAM and SAHA have successfully collaborated in the past through the Travel Grant Program. Today we are grateful to them for becoming not only Supporters of CIMAM but also for having renewed their contribution to the Travel Grant Program enabling Turkish contemporary art professionals to attend the CIMAM Annual Conference.

July 2022

What is your activity's nature, and through what actions and projects are you linked to the world of culture and art?

SAHA—Supporting Contemporary Art from Turkey, aims to develop a dialogue with art organizations and networks around the world and to expand the learning and production possibilities for artists, curators, and writers working in the field of visual arts. Working with art organizations to realize artwork and publication projects of artists and curators, SAHA supports international non-profit art programming. While endorsing art organizations and professionals from abroad to conduct research in Turkey, SAHA enables artists and curators from Turkey to participate in residency and research programs abroad through the international partnerships it establishes. In order to maintain the sustainability of independent art production in Turkey, SAHA supports contemporary art biennials, independent art initiatives, and support programs geared towards artists and art writers across various cities of Turkey.

What are your company's values, mission, and vision, and at what level does modern and contemporary art intervene as a channel or platform to communicate your value proposition?

SAHA Association was founded to support artists, curators, and writers working in visual arts from Turkey in improving their production and development environments, and enhancing their interactions with international art institutions and networks. Founded in 2011 by nine founding members, SAHA believes in the importance of collective effort to create an independent “field” [saha] that helps integrate art from Turkey into the universal artistic ecosystem. SAHA is a not-for-profit organization that offers its support to visual arts through a participatory and democratic approach to governance and fundraising with its members, institutional supporters, project partners, and consultants. Over the last 10 years, it has adopted participatory and transparent governance with its now more than 100 members, supporters, and consultants, thus providing unrequited support for the artistic production of Turkey.

SAHA Studio. Phot by Kayhan Kaygusuz.png
SAHA Studio. Photo by Kayhan Kaygusuz

What is your mission to support the contemporary art sector, and what results would you like to see your contribution achieve in the future?

In ten years, SAHA has supported over 400 artists, curators, writers, and art initiative projects in 170 not-for-profit institutions in 43 countries. For the supported projects, SAHA has raised and provided a total amount of almost 4 million Euros in cash. SAHA revisits and constantly widens its scope to conceive new projects and develop new opportunities to meet the needs of the art ecosystem. SAHA Studio, established in Istanbul to achieve this goal in 2019, helps artists, writers, and curators from many different locations to carry out their research, produce works, and make new contacts. SAHA’s activity programs emphasizing the importance of learning, are enriched by international study trips, museum and exhibition tours guided by curators, meetings with artists and collectors, as well as publications, conversations, and discussions on the contemporary issues in the art ecosystem.

Which of CIMAM ́s projects are most suited to developing your action plan to support the sector of museums and collections of modern and contemporary art?

CIMAM’s mission and growing network, as well as programs and projects such as the Annual Conference and the Museum Watch programs, are indispensable for SAHA’s mission of advocating universal values, including, democracy, transparency, and sustainability.

SAHA—Supporting Contemporary Art from Turkey