Vote for ICOM Museum Definition: Consultation 4


CIMAM Members are called to vote for ICOM's 5 museum definition proposals. You can rank the definitions and also suggest brief alterations to their preferred proposal until 1 April.

ICOM Define is approaching the final stages of consultation towards the proposal of a new museum definition.

Consultation 4 is a reflection of the keywords/concepts that ICOM committees presented and evaluated in the previous consultations.  ICOM Define thanks all the ICOM committees and members who have participated so far for their cooperation in the process.

How did ICOM Define arrive at these five proposals?

After receiving the report of Consultation 3, ICOM Define broke into five groups of 4 members that represent different backgrounds, regional origins, and professional experience.  All proposals have been developed by the groups, taking into account feedback provided by the entire committee, which considers the data received from the consultations, legal aspects, cultural specificities, and translation issues regarding specific terms and syntax.  All proposals prioritize the top terms that were evaluated in the previous Consultation, which explains why there are similarities reflecting the shared notions that unify the ICOM community.

The primary language in which the proposals were drafted was English, and translations were worked on by subgroups in French and Spanish.

→ The deadline to respond to the survey is 1 April 2022.