Malmö Konstmuseum, Malmö, Sweden


Malmö Art Museum would like to inform you and nominate ourselves as an example of how we work in response to current global crisis.

Our current exhibition Shapeshifters- The Age of Changes is Upon Us. Again. Always (Opened March 20 and runs until August 9) deals with ideas of the future and of how to deal with the challanges that are in store for us.

Even though Covid-19 wasn’t in my mind when I was in process with the exhibition, a pandemi like Corona is a consequence of our lifestyle and way of living. One of the pieces in the show, a photo by Cindy Sherman from her Distaster-series was made in direct respons to the AIDS-epidemi. The majority of works in the show is part of our collection, like the piece by Sherman. Other artists like Dutch Isabelle Andriessen deals with ”dead” material and their ability to act without human hands. With own agency they can be seen in the light of a possible apocalypse. Another work, by Finnish artist Alma Heikkilä, suggests that we need change our behaviour against the surrounding, not only including humans and animals but also microorganisms in the air and our bodies.

To reach our audience during the time when not a lot of people are visiting us we produce digital guided tours, and publish interviews with researchers and the artists online.



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