Board Election Guidelines


The members of the Board of CIMAM work on a volunteer basis throughout the triennial. The President and the Secretary-Treasurer are the busiest board members. They oversee the everyday operations and projects of CIMAM.

Who is an eligible candidate?

Any individual member of CIMAM who is an active museum professional or former museum professional (with at least 5 years museological career) or academic museologist is eligible for election to the Board. Candidates for election to the Board may be submitted by any active member of CIMAM*.

*Voting members are those who have paid for their 2017–2019 CIMAM membership fees.

Board tasks and powers

The members of the Board of CIMAM are in constant contact throughout the year through e-mail conversations that are coordinated by the executive team of CIMAM.

The total estimated volunteer time spent by the President and the Secretary-Treasurer on CIMAM issues in 2019 was 2,040 hrs/each. The average time the Board Members spent on CIMAM issues in 2019 is of 1,040 hrs/each.

Please refer to CIMAM bylaws for full description of the President and Secretary-Treasurer’s roles and responsibilities.

Main functions of the Board

  • Annual Conference: theme, speakers, program and financial support.
  • Patrons and members: promoting and fostering the mission and aims of CIMAM while keeping and attracting new contributing patrons, individual and institutional members.
  • Publications: advising and supervising editorial matters and promoting the Annual Publication as a relevant resource.
  • Board meetings: attending the meetings (the board meets three times a year) and ontributing to the growth and expansion of CIMAM by making decisions and advising on strategies and directions.
  • ICOM meetings: attending the General Meeting of ICOM to represent CIMAM.
  • Budget monitoring: CIMAM’s budget is monitored by the Secretary-Treasurer and the board members approve the annual budget and expenses. The executive team of CIMAM coordinates the board’s tasks, the activities, and programs, budgets, and services to the CIMAM members.
  • Working groups: with specific mandates to facilitate the implementation of its program (such as Museum Watch, Selection of Travel Grants or Fundraising). Each working group designates a coordinator from among its members to report at each board meeting on the progress made in fulfilling its mandate.

How is the Board constituted?

  • Every 3 years CIMAM members vote for their representatives at the General Assembly and constitute the Board of Directors.
  • The Board consists of a President, a Secretary-Treasurer and at least 10 other members elected by associate members of CIMAM.
  • The number of Board members will not exceed 15, of which 80% should hold leadership positions in modern and contemporary art museums. All members of the Board provide their services on a voluntary basis.
  • No more than 3 members from a country can sit on the Board at any one time to ensure adequate geographical representation amongst it and for other strategic reasons.
  • The new elected Board, along with the outgoing, present in Sydney will elect the new President and Secretary-Treasurer and inform CIMAM members of the results of this election during the General Assembly, 17 November 2019.
  • In the event that two or more candidates have obtained the same number of votes, the candidates with the oldest membership with CIMAM shall be deemed to have been chosen.

Right to re-election

Board members may be in the board no more than 9 years without interruption. The President and Secretary-Treasurer cannot be re-elected for more than a total of 6 years. Board members who wish to stand for re-election will inform the CIMAM office of their intention to do so during the nominations period to be among the list of candidates.

How to present a nomination?

Candidates will be asked to include a motivation statement on how they can contribute to CIMAM’s mission and values (maximum 250 words) and a short bio or CV that will be used for distribution to CIMAM members (maximum 250 words) along with an ID photo.

Nominations will be accepted until 31 July 2019.

Who can vote for CIMAM Board Members?

All CIMAM members* have the right to vote in the elections to the Board. The online vote will be open at throughout the month of October. Voting in person will be possible during the CIMAM 2019 Annual Conference, 15 – 17 November, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney during the conference registration hours at the registration desk.

Elections calendar

  • Nominations: 4 June – 31 July
    Presentation of the Nominations. Please read How do I present my nomination? for instructions.
  • Candidates Campaign: October
    CIMAM will inform all voting members of the names and qualifications of the candidates in digital notifications. The information will also be available online at
  • Online Vote: October – November
    The online vote will be available at Members of CIMAM will need to log in the Members Only section and cast their online vote. Members can change or obtain a new password at any time by clicking on “Forgot your password” when logging in.
  • General Assembly: 17 November
    CIMAM voting members can also vote in person during the Annual Conference (15-17 November 2019) in Sydney. The newly elected Board of CIMAM will be announced in the General Assembly on Sunday 17 November 14:00 – 15:30 hrs. The President and Secretary-Treasurer for the period 2020–2022 will be announced on Sunday 17 November in the farewell dinner.

Please contact any member of the CIMAM Board or the CIMAM offices for more information about the election process at

Nomination Form
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