Victoria Noorthoorn

Noorthoorn, Victoria_square.jpg

Director, Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires. Argentina

Are you a member of ICOM? No

Years professionally involved in the contemporary art museum field: 25 years

Have you served on another board or organization similar to CIMAM? No

How can you contribute to CIMAM's mission and strategic goals being a Member of the Board?

I am honoured by the invitation to put my name forward as a future member of CIMAM’s Board. If accepted, I would help to build a more geographically diverse museum platform, where issues like diversity, inclusion and equality of access are the order of the day.

I would also seek ways for CIMAM to engage worldwide with museums that do not necessarily meet membership conditions, and would work towards fostering their development and their voices. I am eager to see modern art museums repurposed as agents of political change, opening doors into the demand for transformation that has always been at the core of modern art, and to fostering education, social inclusion and equality of rights. What is the political potential of museums today? In times when fake news and outright lies have taken over politics and the media, can museums function as reservoirs of truth and memory?

In countries that live under authoritarian regimes, what possibilities for enunciation and transformation do museums have? I would be interested to address these issues and to look for ways to expand the scope of CIMAM’s current Museum Watch programs and actions. What actions could CIMAM take, beyond condemnation and communication? What liaisons could CIMAM nurture beyond museum communities? How could they extend their relevance to governments and civil associations worldwide? These are some of the issues I would seek to address as a CIMAM Board Member.

Short bio describing your involvement with CIMAM and the museum community:

Since 2013, I have had the honour of acting as Director of the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, a public museum funded by the Buenos Aires Ministry of Culture. In the past, I have acted as Projects Coordinator for the International Program at MoMA (1998–2001); Assistant Curator of Contemporary Exhibitions at The Drawing Center (1999–2001); and Curator at Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (2002–2004). I have been independent between 2004 and 2013; when I co-curated the Salón Nacional de Artistas in Cali (2008) and the 7a Bienal do Mercosul (2009); and curated the 11e Biennale de Lyon (2011), among many other exhibitions.

During my tenure at the Museo de Arte Moderno, we have: expanded our team from 25 to 125; created the first plural curatorial department in Argentinian museum history; curated 60 in-house exhibitions focused mostly on issues raised by our local scenes in dialogue with international artists; produced 40 bilingual publications distributed free to public libraries nationwide; and doubled our exhibition space on reopening our new premises in July 2018.

We have also created a powerful education department geared to Schools, Communities, Social Inclusion and Accessibility, which provides training for 7,000 school teachers from public and private schools a year, and work with people with autism, mental health issues, and social, economic or gender discrimination. Among our many initiatives, we are committed to making our museum a home for dialogue and the kind of transformation of the soul that art makes possible.