Ann-Sofi Noring

Noring, Ann-Sofi_square.jpg

Co-director, Moderna Museet. Stockholm, Sweden

Are you a member of ICOM? Yes

Years professionally involved in the contemporary art museum field: 39 years

Have you served on another board or organization similar to CIMAM? Yes

If so, where and how long have you served? 6 years. Swedish Arts Council, Review Committee for Art Books, 9 years (6 years as chairman).

How can you contribute to CIMAM's mission and strategic goals being a Member of the Board?

I am a member of CIMAM since the early 1990’s and was elected as a board member in 2016. For many years I have regularly taken part in the CIMAM conferences and I find that the values of the organization have grown more and more important. As the world has expanded, I think it is extremely important for professionals from all over to come together and to exchange ideas.

It would be a true honor to be re-elected for the board and to continue the important work of CIMAM to develop our strategies. With my broad knowledge of modern and contemporary art and long experiences of working with a museum collection as well as thematic and solo exhibitions I have a good understanding of what it takes to run an art institution. It was especially rewarding to host and organize the CIMAM conference in Stockholm last year, an experience which is helpful in the day-to-day work of the board.

Moderna Museet, where I am acting as Co-Director and Chief Curator, is facing the same challenges as most CIMAM members: how to stay relevant, how to develop further in the world of tomorrow? I do think a dialogue in between the members of CIMAM is essential to such a process of re-thinking, with the conferences and the web site as important tools. I am ready to continue to put time and effort into the work of the board to facilitate such a process.

Short bio describing your involvement with CIMAM and the museum community:

Ann-Sofi Noring, born in 1955, studied one year each in the U S and in France before graduating in literature and art history at Uppsala University in 1980. In 1980-86 she was in charge of exhibitions and public art in the city of Solna outside Stockholm, where she was instrumental in turning the small city into a center for art. During the years 1986 – 1991 she was curator at Swedish Travelling Exhibitions, curating solo shows as well as a number of thematic exhibitions.

Between 1991 and 2001, she was head of information at Public Art Agency Sweden and editor of its publications. She was also responsible for its program of exhibitions and seminars aimed at bringing contemporary art into public spaces. Since 2001, Ann-Sofi Noring has worked at Moderna Museet as Chief Curator - since 2010 also as Co-Director, sharing the

leadership with Director Daniel Birnbaum until 2018 and then, Interim Director for a period. She has curated several major exhibitions at Moderna Museet, including Ed Ruscha, Karin Mamma Andersson, Andrea Zittel, Eva Löfdahl, Gabriel Orozco as well as thematic shows such as “After Babel” and has edited and contributed to numerous catalogues. Over the years at the museum, Ann-Sofi Noring has served as commissioner for the Nordic Pavilion at the Venice Biennale and she has also overseen the national representation in the biennales in Sao Paulo and Sydney.