Fundacion Sanso

About the individual or institution nominating:

1) Name and Surname of the individual submitting the nomination:

Maria Marcella P. Montero

1.2) Institution submitting the nomination:

Museo Pambata Foundation, Inc.

About the practice, project or institution nominated:

2) Name of the institution nominated:

Fundacion Sanso

2.1) Name of the director and email address of the institution nominated:

Andrick Caesar P. Francisco

2.2) Name of the institution, practice or project nominated:

Fundacion Sanso

3) Argue in one sentence why you think the project you nominate is outstanding and could serve as an example for the entire community of modern and contemporary art museums.

This project puts focus on a Filipino tradition of helping each other, uplifting the community during hard times, Fundacion Sanso helped Museo Pambata, the children's museum in the Philippines during the pandemic by doing a fundraising through the selling of two Juvenal Sanso's works in giclee prints which has greatly helped the museum pivot its programs and continue its survival during the pandemic.

3) Description of the practice or project. (max. 500 words)

The project was aptly named "Flowers for the Children," a fundraiser launched last November 23, 2020, in time for the birthday of Maestro Juvenal Sanso. Fundacion Sanso released two giclee prints in limited editions of 25 for each design. This fundraiser aims to help Museo Pambata ensure its continued service to Filipino children. By this, Fundacion Sanso is hoping that this gesture would inspire others to help Museo Pambata. With the deprivation of school tours which is the museum’s main source of operating funds, purchasing a print of “Wandering Dream” and “Golden Blooms” will help in keeping Museo Pambata alive. This is in keeping with the traditional Filipino value called Bayanihan, which is helping each other out during hard times. The project was able to donate P300,000.00 to the children's museum, helping it survive during the pandemic. Furthermore, it initiated a donation drive among other individuals and organizations to help ensure the survival of the premiere children's museum in the country.

4) Images:

Image 1.jpg
This was the social media post of Fundacion Sanso for the campaign

Image 2.jpg
Juvenal Sanso's Wandering Dream one of the pieces that were produced in giclee prints and sold for the fundraising campaign

Image 3.jpg
Golden Bloom, the other work by Juvenal Sanso reproduced in giclee prints for the fundraising campaign

Image 4.jpg
Museo Pambata's President Ms. Bambi Manosa-Tanjutco received the cheque of P300,000.00 from Fundacion Sanso's Mr. Jack Teotico

Image 5.jpg
Fundraising campaing merited a headline on an Arts and Culture magazine that initiated a donation drive for the children's museum

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