Los Angeles 1990

CIMAM 1990 Annual Conference
Perspectives on the State of Culture at the end of the 20th Century; Realities of the California Scene; Enlightened Sponsorship; Present Day Developments.
8–15 September 1990
Los Angeles, California

Number of participants: 69
President: Olle Granath
Secretary / Treasurer: Marja-Liisa Bell
Organizer: Lyn Kienholz, California/International Arts Foundation
Side trips: Santa Barbara, Pasadena, Laguna Beach/Newport Beach
Private collection visits: Barry & Gail Berkus; John & Jill Bishop; Eli & Edythe Broad; Mr Douglas Cramer; Bernard & Lenore Greenberg; Stanley & Elise Grinstein; Ann Janss; Frederick Weisman; Lannan Foundation, Marcia Weisman
Post conference trip: San Francisco (4 days: San Francisco included museums and 6 private collections) or Southwest (6 days: included “The Lightning Field” by Walter de Maria, “Double Negative” by Michael Heizer, and the Navajo Indian Reservation.