CIMAM levies an affiliation fee that covers part of the administrative costs as well as the production of newsletters, publications, conference organization, travel grant programs and activities. All memberships expired in December 2016 and will be renewed by the next triennial: 2017-2019.

Individual Member 2017 – 2019

Individual → €150/triennial
Individual Reduced → €90/triennial

*Residents in countries listed as Emerging Market and Developing Economies according to the International Monetary Fund’s World Economic Outlook Report, get 40% off regular membership fee.

Institutional Member 2017 – 2019

CIMAM’s institutional membership allows member institutions to offer their professionals all the advantages of CIMAM’s membership at interesting rates. Institutions can choose the number of membership cards they wish to purchase for the professionals in their institution.

3 Cards →  €405/triennial
4 Cards →  €540/triennial
5 Cards → €675/triennial
6 Cards → €810/triennial
7 Cards → €945/triennial
8 Cards → €1.080/triennial

CIMAM membership cards are for individual use only.

Do you wish to support CIMAM’s programs and activities above your membership dues?
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