International Museum Day

CIMAM – International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern Art – joins the International Museum Day celebrations to acknowledge the importance of museums and raise awareness about the critical role that they play in society.

Today we encourage new members to join and support CIMAM’s international network of contemporary art museum professionals.

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Membership Benefits

CIMAM’s vision is a world where the contribution of museums, collections and archives of modern and contemporary art to the cultural, social and economic well-being of society is recognized and respected.

CIMAM’s aim is to foster a global network of professionals in the field of modern and contemporary art, responding to their needs and taking a leadership role on issues of concern. By generating debate and encouraging co-operation between art institutions and individuals at different stages of development around the world, CIMAM plays a key role in growth of the sector.

CIMAM key activities are

– An annual conference which brings together members in different parts of the world to debate theoretical, ethical and practical issues concerning the collection and exhibition of modern and contemporary art, and to share experiences.
– The establishment of professional codes of practice and ethical standards for institutions and individuals.
– Museum Watch: an advocacy program addressing critical situations that impact museums and galleries of modern and contemporary art in maintaining those codes of practice and standards.
– Providing a supportive network for professional development.