Honorary Members

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An overview of all Honorary Members throughout the history of CIMAM since 1962. Honorary Members are those CIMAM Members who are considered to have performed outstanding services on behalf of CIMAM on the recommendation of the board. They are appointed for life. Individuals are awarded the title of Honorary Members by the General Assembly. They shall be full voting members.

Tuula Arkio
Helsinki, Finland

Zdenka Badovinac
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Manuel J. Borja-Villel
Madrid, Spain

Renilde Hammacher-van den Brande (1913–2014)
Brussels, Belgium

María de Corral
Madrid, Spain

David Elliott
Berlin, Germany

Rudi Fuchs
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Olle Granath
Stockholm, Sweden

Jürgen Harten
Berlin, Germany

Bartomeu Marí
Ibiza, Spain

Thomas Messer (1920–2013)
New York, USA

Richard Oldenburg
New York, USA

Suzanne Pagé
Paris, France

Alfred Pacquement
Paris, France

Margit Rowell
Paris, France

Patricia Sloane
Mexico City, Mexico