Vanishing Points

Andres Londoño, Rodrigo Echeverri, Alberto Lezaca, Carlos Franklin, Nicolas Paris, Esteban Sanchez, Nicolas Cardenas, Widy Ortiz, Felipe Sepulveda

John Angel Rodriguez, johnangelrokatz@yahoo.com

Available from 31 July 2014

John Angel Rodriguez

Guest Projects, London

What is a vanishing point? It is the converging union of lines that fade into the infinite. It may also be the concept that we inherited from the practice of making projective drawings. How may we define our vanishing point when the starting point itself is already diffused?


Taking into considerations that in the world’s current climate even mathematics are not the stable and trustful science, which we used to rely on anymore. After looking at the artworks of nine specific artists, I started considering that the concept or the creation of a vanishing point is what offers us with a reinterpretation of the exercise of drawing. I subscribe to the argument by Gilles Deleuze: “We are moving continuously on parallel lines, while interacting with the surrounding environment. Although those lines may not have been connected from the starting point, they could eventually merge in the expansion of their coordinates.


The fluxus between those lines is what generates a constant set of indeterminate possibilities.” I found the artworks of these creators in the following dynamic: First at all and looking at the phenomenon that has taken place in Colombia during the last ten years, these artists have been developing their research in a direction that intends to introduce Colombian Art into the global art market rather than emphasizing on their own local experiences. In this process, concepts are emerging and a new narrative of their local social circumstances has come up. In consequence, they are evolving into an aesthetic that can be assimilated in different contexts. As a result, Colombian art is coming out of its main struggle and point of interest, which was focused on the depiction of political conflicts inside its society.


Vanishing Points exhibition brings a selection of artists that have made a very significant progress within the Colombian contemporary art scene. Therefore this Exhibition puts together a generation of artists who have been exploring the visual possibilities of drawing, ranging from elaborate set ups to site-specific installations.


This is part of a 1 month residency at Guest Projects, 1 Andrews Road, London E8 4QL. Guest Projects is an initiative conceived by Shonibare Studio to offer the opportunity for artistic practitioners, of any artistic discipline to have access to a free project space for 1 month. As a laboratory of ideas it is a testing ground for new thoughts and actions, it provides an alternative universe and playground for artists.