The Manna Machine

Cristian Franco

Director Viviana Kuri: vivianakuri@gmail.com

Available: February 2017

Daniel Guzmán

Museo de Arte de Zapopan

Over the past ten years Cristian Franco has reflected upon our human desire to be deceived. His work uses misleading strategies that create a false reality. He runs a fake record company that has sold out of its merchandise; he performs in a hardcore punk band that gives concerts, though none of the band members actually plays or sings; he promotes and announces the arrival of cult bands that never turn up. He is very serious about engaging characters dedicated to making us believe the implausible or the incredible: searchers for aliens, people with open stigmata, living mummies… and politicians.

InThe Manna Machine Cristian Franco puts into play the methods used by the Salvation Army. The gallery reminds us of a thrift store like the ones the association manages. The room is surrounded by the voice of a preacher announcing the end of the world. This narrativecomplements a video about a fiestain a Mexican villagewhere the butchers dress up like women.

Christian Franco’s work evokes a sense of the uncanny, but he also uses humor and political incorrectness as a strategy for looking critically at society.

The installation is variable in number of works and dimensions
The catalogue is going to be published soon.