Elisa Tellez, Exhibitions and Collection Manager (etellez@marco.org.mx)

available from February to September 2015

Peter Thaler and Lars Denicke

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey

Characters of all kinds that come alive in animations, shorts, music videos, moving graphics, drawings, and installations that offer us through this exhibition all sorts of takes on the post-digital era. Made up by artists, illustrators, and designers from all over the world, Pictoplasma has gained international recognition right through its first decade of existence.


Established in Berlin, Germany, the creators of this singular project have been able to draw together innovative proposals in the international ambit devoted to the creation of characters. A diversity of creatures with anthropomorphic features bring to mind our contemporary daily life in a world influenced by pop culture, elements of a technological society, and remnants of the mysticism of ancestral civilizations. From this strange mix visual proposals of a great dynamism emerge to be enjoyed by people of all ages. Some of their creations are so complex that they find both a place in popular preferences for being so “cool” and in the most serious anthropological and philosophical studies.


The characters, envisioned by creators from various countries, seem to coincide in two apparently opposing aspects: the simplicity of form and the profound understanding of human condition. The painstaking efforts carried out during a decade by the curators has allowed them to collect, compare, and distill the most subtle variations in form and meaning of thousands of characters, and classifying styles and trends in constant flux and evolution. With representations that oscillate between the vilest and the most virtuous of human behaviors, this exhibition embodies a very wide panorama of the feeling of our times and the ways of expressing our present reality. The characters speak for themselves and convey their complexity without resorting to words.


Space requirement: 800 – 1200 sqm