Lars von Trier: Take the Good with the Evil

Lars von Trier

Director Mads Damsbo: mads.damsbo@brandts.dk

Brandts & Zentropa

Brandts Museum of Art & Visual Culture, Odense, Denmark

Lars von Trier (b.1956) is one of the most distinctive and influential film directors of our time. With his works, which include the films Breaking Waves (1996), The Idiots (1998), Dancer in the Dark (2000), Dogville (2003), Melancholia (2011), Nymphomaniac (2013) and the television series The Kingdom (1994), Trier has challenged cinematic language and techniques to redefine modern cinema. He is celebrated for instigating the Dogme 95 manifesto, which sparked the revolutionary cinematic movement and recognised for his work with the acclaimed female stars Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Emily Watson and Björk.

This major retrospective exhibition delves into the creative process, the visual originality and influences of the avant-gardist and controversial auteur Lars von Trier. In collaboration with Zentropa, and with unprecedented access to their archives, this extraordinary exhibition brings together a diverse range of media, including storyboards, original costumes, stage sets, music, interviews, photographs, films, posters and Trier’s handwritten notes.

The design of the exhibition is in itself an immersive spatial scenography in close dialogue with the media and objects it displays. The exhibition is organised into thematic chapters: Trier’s imagery, Trier’s music and light, anxiety and control, provocation and manipulation, female sexuality and dominance, desire and perversity and rules and obstructions. These are significant subjects and methods that Trier has repeatedly returned to and radically experimented with during the past 30 years of his career.

Accompanying the exhibition is a comprehensive catalogue that analyses Trier’s work and its aesthetic, ideological and political perspectives.