Horror Vacui. Arte de posguerra

Óscar Soles, Luis Lazo, Dagoberto Nolasco, Negra Álvarez, Romeo Galdámez, Mauricio Mejía, Antonio Bonilla

mbarraza66@yahoo.com; mbarraza@cultura.gob.sv

Available: 2016 onwards

Mayra Barraza

Sala Nacional de Exposiciones Salarrué

“HORROR VACUI. Post War Art”, draws a panorama of El Salvador from the Peace Accords to the present, taking as key references the works of seven distinguished artists active since the war years.

Works made during this post war period are presented in four areas of interest: the phenomena of violence, fluctuating identities, religion as a conceptual map and, the new horizons in process.

“Horror Vacui” takes its title from hispanoamerican baroque as a reference for this selection of drawings, paintings, engravings and sculptures created between 1992 and 2015.

Online catalog: https://issuu.com/snesalarrue/docs/cat._exp_horro_vacui_-_sala_naciona