Henri Jacobs. Salle 5 et 6 du Bâtiment 200 salles

Henri Jacobs

Monique Scholte, info@stedelijkmuseumschiedam.nl

Available from 31 August 2014

Diana A. Wind

Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

In the autumn of 2003, Henri Jacobs (Zandoerle, NL, 1957) gave his students at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in The Hague the instruction to draw – every day – something that moved them, something they saw or thought. Do it quickly and keep it small, he recommended. He also applied this simple advice to himself.



On 11 December 2003 he created his first Journaaltekening (Journal drawing). By now there are more than 700 journaaltekeningen, which means he has made around 70 a year, 1 drawing per 5 days on average. Each drawing has been allocated a number and is dated. Consecutive drawings often form short series in which one image gives rise to the next, until something new comes along. Henri Jacobs began with small-format paper (24 x 32 cm), but he gradually came to use various formats and sorts of paper. He creates his drawings in pencil, ink or watercolours, or in a combination of these three materials. The collection consists of free-hand drawings and drawings based on orchestrated coincidence.



To an ever-increasing degree, he constructs them with a ruler and drafting compass. The name Journaaltekening can be associated with the news in a newspaper. The artist capitalizes on the topicality of his field of vision by consistently adding new drawings to this expanding image-bank of drawings, which are published on a website. Right from the outset of the Journaaltekening project, it was always the intention to display the drawings or stages of a drawing on a website: www.henrijacobs.be. Two other chapters of this website are also updated regularly. The Depôt chapter presents his sources of inspiration, photos of exhibitions, and older work. The Photo chapter contains photos of the environment in which the journaaltekeningen are created. Almost 550 of the 700+ journaaltekeningen that Henri Jacobs has produced in the last 10 years are on display in two exhibition rooms.



The drawings will be placed in a grid on the wall as an inventory. Not all of his works are available or can be requested on loan. Where the drawings are absent, the artist inserts the title and date of the work on the wall. Both rooms present screen images of photos from the Depôt of Henri Jacobs, belonging to the period in which the drawings were created. A copy of the book Journal Drawings lie on the table in both rooms. The book contains all the drawings and many archival images.


The text in the book, by Ludo van Halem, provides excellent information on the journaaltekeningen. Publications: Journal drawings, Henri Jacobs Henri Jacobs, Parcours de Tocht available at https://webshop.stedelijkmuseumschiedam.nl/