Bogota -A city- on the Edge

Adriana Salazar, Andres Londoño, Alberto Lezaca de Paz, Jaime Avila


from 02/2014

John Angel Rodriguez

Łaźnia Centre For Contemporary Art

Bogota- A city- on the Edge This exhibition brings together a group of four contemporary artists from Colombia. These artworks take the viewers through an interpretation of the main themes that could define the current Colombian capital city situation. Bogota- A city- on the Edge is an art exhibition which selected art projects and artworks bringing into play the different city’s environment social issues, in order to show how Bogota has become an important art location. Not only identifying where we are in the world, but also showing our extemporaneous distance to the art world. In this way, the viewers that will be attending this show are going to have the chance to see the implications of being and living as an artist in a city like Bogota.


In the context of a South American city like Bogota we must address many different subjects to understand its social absurd edges. First the political game that has been played there during the recent decades includes things such as: re-interpretation of neo liberal North American politics, hybrid pop-culture citizenship identities and fictional plans of urban modernisation. These factors have contributed to the loss of its key social goals; jeopardising the spread of further developments, to mention just a few examples -the absence of an adequate public systems of transport or a proper urban infrastructure- not because of the lack of financial resources, but the inability to cope with abusive administrations.


The events that have been taking place in Bogota akin to science fiction stories, nevertheless those narratives that the artists have suggested as motives to create new artworks are now social realities. In some of the cases the artists have transformed those social narratives from its original referents and in other cases they have shaped their practices into social critical views. Therefore this exhibition pretends to offer a reflection about the problems inside of this city and move away from typical representations of undeveloped environments.


This exhibition is presented in the framework of a long-term project titled Cities On The Edge, in which the ‘edgy’ position of Gdańsk is explored. The project’s point of departure is the meaning of word ‘edgy, ‘which describes contemporary culture and the states of many contemporary cities being.


Exhibition dates: 22 November 2013 to 19 January 2014
Institutional liaison: Sylwia Krasoń
Curator from Łaźnia and Program director Cities on the Edge : Agnieszka Kulazinska
Cities on the Edge
CSW Łaźnia, ul. Jaskółcza 1, Gdańsk-Poland