Arte al Paso – Contemporary Art Collection of the Museo de Arte de Lima — Mali

Various Artists

Jimena Gonzalez; gonzalez@mali.pe

from 08/2011

Rodrigo Quijano and Tatiana Cuevas

Museo de Arte de Lima (MALI)

The Museo de Arte de Lima – MALI’s contemporary art collection is undoubtedly one of the most important repositories in the region. Initiated in the 1950s with the generous donations of artists and collectors, and since 2007 incessantly enlarged thanks to the sustained contributions of the Contemporary Art Acquisitions Committee (CAAC), the collection consists of more than seven hundred art works, covering a broad panorama of contemporary art practices in Peru.


In a constant process of revision and expansion, the collection has incorporated not only main representatives of contemporary Peruvian art –who during the last decade emerged as important national and international references– but also art works that have played key roles in the development of contemporary practices.


Curated by Tatiana Cuevas, contemporary art curator at the MALI, and Rodrigo Quijano, independent curator –both part of the curatorial advisory board to the Contemporary Art Acquisitions Committee–, Arte al Paso is the first international presentation of this collection. The exhibition seeks to trace the core themes and directions that have led Peruvian artistic creation since the late sixties until today.