All About Drawing — 100 Dutch Artists

Jan Schoonhoven, Lucebert, Co Westerik, Willem van Genk, Carel Visser, Armando, Jo Baer, Cor de Nobel, Hans Ebeling Koning, Arie de Groot, Lucassen, Zoltin Peeter, Gerda Teljeur, Sjef Hendrickx, Terry Thompson, Marlies Appel, Arno Kramer, Pieter-Laurens M


from 09/2011

Arno Kramer/Diana Wind

Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

All About Drawing. 100 Dutch Artists is the first major overview of drawing in the Netherlands from the 1960s up to the present day. The choice of artists was determined by that drawing is the most important element in their oeuvre, a high degree of originality and autonomous quality in the work, the continuity of the oeuvre, work on paper, and diversity in genres. Accordingly, a whole panorama unfolds of draughtsmen/women who autonomously apply a completely individual signature to working on paper.
The impuls for the exhibition was the observation of the curators that something exceptional is going on in the world of drawing in the Netherlands today. From the mid-1980s onward, there has been a genuine boom in drawing. The same trend has been visible in North America and Europe since the early nineties. Thus, the Netherlands is both the precursor and the leader in this development. The exhibition provides an overview of the past fifty years, displaying artists who function/have functioned as examples, sources of inspiration and/or teachers of the younger generation. With the older generation, the choice has fallen upon artists who often find drawing the most important discipline, who were of major significance to their contemporaries and younger artists, and of course, are/were excellent artists. Standing on the shoulders of these giants, there is a whole flock of artists autonomously apply their own signature to work on paper.