Discussion Workshops

Conference Day 2, 11 November 2017

Delegates are invited to participate in Discussion Workshops over lunch on Day 2 of the conference.

Delegates will choose one discussion topic below when registering to the conference. Delegates are requested to keep to their chosen topics and assigned discussion groups.

→ Censorship: How do we define censorship in the context of the museum? Is the concept of liberty of expression universal for museums around the world? Should different considerations be adopted for different societies? What are the considerations in defining a set of reliable parameters? How do museums ensure tolerance and difference of opinion as expressed in the work of artists relative to majority and minority constituencies that encompassed in our understanding of publics? How can CIMAM responsibly guide and advocate for museums against overt censorship, as institutions and spaces of tolerance and difference of opinion?

→ Governance: Is there an ideal governance structure, and what should museums expect or encourage in terms of good governance for their institutions? What are the challenges facing museum directors and their staff in relation to governing bodies in relation to the responsibilities of the museum? How can CIMAM serve as a body of authority and integrity in promoting and supporting disinterested museum governance to ensure responsibility and independence while promoting the aims and vision of the institution?

→ The Future of Collections: In a world of diminishing financial, physical and ecological resources, how do museums address existing collections and the impulse to expand them? How do museums balance the responsibilities of research, inventory and display of collections with that of conservation and preservation for the future? Should we be collecting less and sharing more? Should museums be more specific in terms of their cultural context?