CIMAM has formally endorsed this document

In the last few months, the board of CIMAM has been discussing how best to advise its membership on dealing with controversial content in the wake of a number of recent cases where there was public pressure to remove work from exhibition. This comprehensive document is an excellent guide for all museum and gallery staff committed to supporting artists in presenting work that deals with difficult issues in the context of the new reality of social media which can inflame public opinion and lead to threats of violence against staff.

→ Museum Best Practices for Managing Controversy

The Museum Best Practices for Managing Controversy document was co-authored by the National Coalition Against Censorship’s Arts Advocacy Project and six collaborating national arts organizations. For details on the history of this document please visit Museum Best Practices’ Background.

Smart Tactics: Curating Difficult Content
(A Report and Handbook)

In connection with these guidelines, NCAC is finalizing a report drawn from a survey of over 40 established US and international curators and museum directors, examining the social, economic and institutional constraints they face.

CIMAM members are invited to contribute to this report by filling in the 12-question survey no later than 31 August. Your testimony will supplement the final report and handbook on navigating curatorial pressures.

→ Curatorial Survey: Programming Difficult Content
→ Smart Tactics: Curating Difficult Content (A Report and Handbook)

To thank for your participation in the survey, NCAC will send you a password to access the digital galley of Smart Tactics: Curating Difficult Content (A Report and Handbook).