Museums in Progress: Public Interest, Private Resources? CIMAM 2014 Annual Conference, Doha, Qatar

→ New Dynamics in Museums: Curator, Artwork, Public, Governance, CIMAM 2013 Annual Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

 Museums beyond the Crises, CIMAM 2012 Annual Conference, Istanbul, Turkey

Museums and the City, CIMAM 2011 Annual Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Zagreb, Croatia, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Common Ground for Museums in a Global Society, CIMAM 2010 Annual Conference, Shanghai, China

Fair Trade: The Institution of Art in the New Economy, CIMAM 2009 Annual Conference, Mexico City, Mexico

The Shape of Memory: The Museum and its Collections, CIMAM 2008 Annual Conference, New York, USA

Contemporary Institutions as Producers in Late Capitalism, CIMAM 2007 Annual Conference, Vienna, Austria

Contemporary Institutions: Between Public and Private, CIMAM 2006 Annual Conference, London, UK

Museums: Intersections in a Global Scene, CIMAM 2005 Annual Conference, São Paulo, Brazil