Application: CIMAM 2020

Please send us the following documents to before 20 July 2018:

1. Letter of intent from the Director of the institution applying. PDF format.

2. Dossier containing the following information. PDF format.

→ Information about the applying institution including if the hosting institution or its Director a Member of CIMAM, if the institution applying is also a member of ICOM and if the will involve other museums and contemporary art institutions in the city as partners for the organization of the CIMAM Annual Conference. If so, please include the names of possible co-hosting institutions.
→ Description of the city’s art scene including a list of possible visits to modern and contemporary art museums and collections, artist studios and private collections in the hosting city.
→ Dates: 3 days in November.
→ List of available auditoriums in the museum or partner institutions with capacity for, at least, 230 delegates.
→ Potential public and private sponsors to raise the sufficient funds to guarantee the quality and successful development of the Annual Conference. Check the Guidelines for Hosts dossier for the list of expenses covered by the host (90%). Conference budget of previous editions are available at the Conference Reports posted at
→ Tour: Destination, program of visits and list of potential partners/sponsors for the post-conference tour. The tour consists of a two day program (1 night) after the conference.
→ Other relevant information that may support your application.

The selected candidate shall sign a letter of agreement affirming their commitment to host and provide the services associated with CIMAM’s Annual Conference.