3rd Biennial of Contemporary Art D-0 ARK Underground

3rd Project Biennial of Contemporary Art D-0 ARK Underground
Curators: Margarethe Makovec & Anton Lederer and Adela Demetja
Dates: 24 April – 24 October 2015
Preview day: 24 April 2015
Location: Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

CIMAM Members are welcome to join the 3rd Project Biennial of Contemporary Art D-0 ARK Underground. Please make sure you notify your visit with seven days in advance by sending an email to bhbijenale@gmail.com. CIMAM Members will benefit from a 5% discount at the bookshop. Your will be requiered to show your CIMAM membership card and ID when purchasing at the bookshop.


The Project Biennial is a unique project in the field of contemporary art as it is located in one of the most fascinating underground military objects built during the period of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (construction period 1953-1979). Today, the atomic shelter in Konjic is kept and maintained by the Ministry of Defense, but at the same time listed as national cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The specificity of this project, both in artistic and political terms, therefore presents a significant model of cooperation between cultural organizers, artists and curators with the ministries of culture from the region, Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a regiment of soldiers stationed in the bunker, and the active group of volunteers from Konjic. The final goal of the Project Biennial is the transformation of the Atomic Shelter into an hybrid Military Artistic Museum, unique in the world.

For curatorial statement and list of participating artists, please visit: bijenale.ba

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