2018 Annual Conference

 2 – 4 November 2018
Stockholm, Sweden

The CIMAM 2018 Annual Conference will be held in Stockholm (2–4 November) co-organized by Moderna Museet and CIMAM and hosted by Moderna Museet, Bonniers Konsthall and Magasin 3. An optional post-conference tour will be organized to Helsinki, Finland (5–6 November).

Six members of the CIMAM board – Ann-Sofi Noring, Elizabeth Ann Macgregor, Saskia Bos, Suzanne Cotter, Corinne Diserens and Eugene Tan – constitute the 2018 Contents Committee. Topics include: Whose Museum? Global Realities, The Future Intelligence of Museums and Ethics of Museums in an Age of Mixed Economy.

We will announce soon the conference speakers, the visits in Stockholm and the post-conference tour!